Hello Everyone! My name is Connie Johnson, and I am the school nurse for the Stevensville Public Schools. I have been working as the school nurse in Stevensville since 2011, and I love working with all the children. I am fortunate enough to work with students in all grade levels at the school. It is refreshing and challenging as I continue to learn about school nursing, and the many different ways I can interact and care for the students. My favorite part about being a school nurse is seeing these great children every day. I also enjoy working with students, parents, and staff to help our kiddos be healthy at school as well as at home!

Photo of Nurse Connie with Family in Zion
Nurse Connie with Family in Zion

A little information about me… I was born in northern California. My family and I moved to Libby where I finished elementary school and graduated from high school. I chose to live in the Bitterroot Valley because it is surrounded by these beautiful mountains. I now live in Hamilton with my husband and two sons. We like to spend time outdoors doing lots of fun stuff like camping, biking, hiking, river swimming, and snowboarding/skiing.

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. I graduated from Montana State University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Science in

Nursing degree. Like many nurses I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in many different healthcare areas. I have worked acute care in a hospital, in a nursing home with the elderly, and most of my career has been spent as hospice nurse. I glad to have the opportunity to work as a school nurse now.