Transportation services are a critical part of providing a high-quality educational experience. The work of caring for kids begins with a safe ride to school. The Stevensville Public Schools are committed to improving the safety, reliability, and communication of our transportation services. This year, we need parents to register their children for transportation services. This is new and will help us to improve our transportation service and safety for students and families.

To get started please register your student for transportation services by clicking the link below.  This should be done if you plan to have your child(ren) ride the bus to and from school at any time this year. Completed registration(s) for your child(ren) will help us determine eligibility and routing information. If your child(ren) live(s) two residences, please complete registration for both addresses.

Next, please download the edulog parent portal lite application on your mobile device. Detailed instructions and videos are available on the Stevensville School District Website under the Transportation tab. The application will be used to communicate registration status, if your child(ren) is/are on the bus, route details, stops, delays, weather issues and cancellations. If you have questions please email [email protected].


Dave Thennis – Superintendent

Transportation Registration Form Link ⇒  CLICK HERE

Route times and locations ⇒ Click Here


Each time a student rides the bus they will select their name on an electronic tablet. Drivers will be trained to assist younger students and ensure all riders have checked in. If the student is riding the wrong bus their name will not show up on the bus tablet roster. If a student is riding a bus other than the one they are assigned to, such as with a friend, this will be considered a courtesy ride.


Courtesy stops/rides are given to people who are either ineligible for transportation or are eligible but are asking for a stop not normally authorized. These are allowed on a case by case basis when certain circumstances exist, such as the stop is already authorized and in place, bus goes by the area, time/length of route or student load permits.
A courtesy ride must be arranged before 2pm on the day of the ride. To arrange a courtesy ride the guardian must call or email the school secretary, or send a signed and dated letter with their child. The parent needs to include the bus number and the stop that the child will be dropped off.


Anytime you have a change of address, please contact your child’s school immediately to update the change in Infinite Campus. We will not be able to process your transportation registration until Infinite Campus has been updated with your current home address.


If your child lives in two residences, both addresses need to be in Infinite Campus as your child’s household. Please follow up with your child’s school to ensure both addresses are accurate. You can also email [email protected] to inform us about the two-residence registration.


Students must be residing in the Stevensville School District No. 2 to ride a bus to Stevensville Schools. Visit the school district boundaries map to verify your district.
School District Boundaries Map

The District may provide transportation to and from school for a student who resides three or more miles from the nearest school. Stevensville School District is transitioning to transporting home to school and school to home only.

In-town busing is defined as the busing of students within three (3) miles of their school.  In-town busing is currently offered to students residing in town on the west side of Main Street and in Creekside Meadows subdivision.

See School Board Policy 8100 for more information

High school students in the Lone Rock School District are allowed to ride to Stevensville High School. If you reside in the Lone Rock District and have a high school student attending Stevensville, their elementary sibling(s) are also allowed to ride to Stevensville Schools.


●     Eat and drink before getting on the bus.

●     Stay in your assigned seat at all times.

●     Stay seated when the bus is in motion.

●     Use indoor voices – NO PROFANITY

●     Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself inside the bus.

●     Show respect to students and adults.


Misconduct will be reported to the building principal/assistant principal. Consequences will be determined by the building principal/assistant principal and enforced by Harlow’s driver.

Be Safe ~ Be Respectful ~ Be Responsible


How to Download Parent Portal Lite


How to Get Started on Parent Portal Lite

To receive the District Code please contact your child’s school or email [email protected]


1. Review the “Getting Started” video above.

2. The Parent Portal Lite App (Yellow) (find it in your mobile device’s app store under Edulog Parent Portal Lite.

Google Play Store

• Apple App Store

3. Download the parent portal lite application, sign up, and check your email to authenticate.

4. Enter your student’s security information using the current school year information.

5. Bus assignment will be available via Parent Portal Lite App in the coming weeks.