Out of District Student Enrollment Procedures

The underlying philosophy of enrolling out of district students will be to admit students that enhance the educational environment of the Stevensville Public Schools to the maximum extent possible. Students will be admitted with consideration to academics, behavior, attendance, and school capacity as well as legal requirements to meet the needs of our students. Top priority will be given to the well-being and educational environment provided students residing within the Stevensville School District.

  1. Out-of-district students and parents on behalf of minor children must apply for admission. Admission forms are available in each school office.
  2. The out-of-district enrollment form must be completed in its entirety and signed.
  3. The out-of-district enrollment form must be submitted to the office of the school the child is applying to attend.
  4. Admission is contingent on a successful background check with the student’s prior school. To allow for
    this check, admission will be delayed until the next attendance day or until the building administrator can
    complete a background check.
    Administrators will notify parents if the background check will exceed 24 hours.
  5. When the background check is complete,
    • The administration will notify the parent of acceptance or denial.
    • If accepted, the student may begin provisional attendance until the board acts to approve or deny the out-of-district enrollment.
    • Final authority for admission rests in the Stevensville School Board of Trustees.

In considering out of district enrollments, administration will examine:

  1. Academic record-current and past grades. If no academic record exists or if academic concerns arise, an
    academic assessment will be given.
    Students entering high school will be evaluated on credits earned. Students who cannot graduate in a
    timely manner will not be admitted.
  2. Behavioral records-Students with major behavioral issues that are beyond the scope of a special education
    plan or Section 504 plan will not be admitted.
  3. Attendance records – Students with poor attendance and/or truancy issues will not be admitted.
  4. Current Stevensville Enrollment – Significant emphasis will be placed on grade-level enrollment counts.
    • Grade level counts will be monitored.
    • When less than three student vacancies are available at a grade level, applications for that grade level
      must be approved through the superintendent.
    • Additional sections or class overloads will be evaluated fiscally and educationally.
    • A waiting list will be created when a grade level is at or near capacity at the start of a school year.
      • Once the school year has started and enrollment has stabilized, admission to grade levels at or
        near capacity will be considered.
      • Wait list applicants will be considered by the date the application is received by the school.

All requests with academic, behavioral, or attendance concerns will generally not be admitted and if considered, must be
approved by the superintendent.