Stevensville School Nurse

Stevensville Schools has a registered nurse on site five days a week. Health Services are available to all students throughout the school day. Our goal is to help ensure each of our students are healthy at school so they are at their very best for learning. We also strive to identify illnesses as soon as possible and work with student, family, doctor, and public health if necessary to limit the spread of infections at school, and to get students back to school when they are ready.

Meet the Nurse

Here are some of the things we want to help with:

  • Immunization Requirements
  • Help with monitoring and managing chronic illnesses (ie. asthma, diabetes, etc.)
  • Education to students/families on correct medication use.
  • Physical assessments if a student is not feeling well.
  • First aid and emergency care.
  • Emergency treatment: We have 6 AED units throughout campus. The RN has emergency medication available for use in a severe asthma attack, or anaphylactic reaction.
  • Coordination with parents, physicians, pharmacy on health care issues.
  • Assistance with medication administration during school hours. (prescription and over the counter).
  • Health/wellness counseling.
  • Help with Healthy Montana Kids (HMK)/Medicaid application completion.
  • Helping students/families find needed health care resources in the community.
  • Vision screening
  • Head lice surveillance and treatment information

Please remember if your child has a medication that needs to be given at school you must contact the nurse directly. All medications must be administered to students by the school nurse, or by a staff member who the nurse delegates to give the medication.  No students may self-carry and/or self-administer medications at school. Contacting the nurse ensures the proper medication administration, and that all necessary paperwork is completed.  Any medication sent to school must be in the original prescription bottle, or be in original over the counter packaging.

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