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District Safety

For purposes of this policy, disaster means the occurrence or imminent threat of damage, injury, or loss of life or property.

The Board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operation of the District.  Rules for safety and prevention of accidents will be posted in compliance with the Montana Safety Culture Act and the Montana Safety Act.  Injuries and accidents will be reported to the District office.

The board of trustees has identified the following local hazards that exist within the boundaries of its school district:

[Fire, Earthquake, Avalanche, High Winds, Tornadoes, Intruders, Firearms, etc.]

The building principal shall design and incorporate drills in its school safety or emergency operations plan to address the above stated hazards.

The trustees shall certify to the office of public instruction that a school safety or emergency operations plan has been adopted.  This plan and procedures will be discussed and distributed to each teacher at the beginning of each school year.  There will be at least eight (8) disaster drills a year in a school.  All teachers will discuss safety drill procedures with their class at the beginning of each year and will have them posted in a conspicuous place next to the exit door.  Drills must be held at different hours of the day or evening to avoid distinction between drills and actual disasters.  A record will be kept of all fire drills.

The trustees shall review the school safety or emergency operations plan periodically and update the plan as determined necessary by the trustees based on changing circumstances pertaining to school safety.  Once the trustees have made the certification to the office of public instruction, the trustees may transfer funds pursuant to Section 2, 20-1-401, MCA to make improvements to school safety and security.

The Superintendent will develop safety and health standards which comply with the Montana Safety Culture Act.

Legal Reference:

  • § 20-1-401, MCA  Disaster drills to be conducted regularly – districts to identify disaster risks and adopt school safety plan
  • § 20-1-402, MCA Number of disaster drills required – time of drills to vary
  • §§ 39-71-1501, et seq., MCA Montana Safety Culture Act

Policy History:

Adopted on:. 2012 Feb 2012
Reviewed on: Dec. 2001; Jan. 2016
Revised on: Feb. 2016