Stevensville School District 

NONINSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS                                                    8111

Transportation of Students with Disabilities

Transportation shall be provided as a related service, when a student with a disability requires special transportation in order to benefit from special education or to have access to an appropriate education placement.  Transportation is defined as:

  1. Travel to and from school and between schools;
  2. Travel in and around school buildings or to those activities that are a regular part of the student’s instructional program;
  3. Specialized equipment (such as special or adapted buses, lifts, and ramps) if required to provide special transportation for a student with disabilities.

The Evaluation Team that develops the disabled student’s Individualized Education Program will determine, on an individual basis, when a student with a disability requires this related service.  Such recommendations must be specified on the student’s IEP.  Only those children with disabilities who qualify for transportation as a related service under the provisions of the IDEA shall be entitled to special transportation.  All other children with disabilities in the District have access to the District’s regular transportation system under policies and procedures applicable to all District students.  Utilizing the District’s regular transportation service shall be viewed as a “least restrictive environment.”

Mode of Transportation

One of the District’s special education buses will be the preferred mode of transportation.  Exceptions may be made in situations where buses are prohibited from entering certain subdivisions due to inadequate turning space, or when distance from school may seriously impact bus scheduling.  In such situations other arrangements, such as an individual transportation contract, may be arranged with parents.  Such voluntary agreement will stipulate in writing the terms of reimbursement.

Cross Reference:

  • 3300P  Corrective Actions and Punishment

Legal Reference:

  • 10.16.3820, ARM       Transportation for Special Education Students with Disabilities

Policy History:

Adopted on: Feb. 12, 2002
Reviewed on: Dec. 17, 2001; Apr. 14, 2015
Revised on: