Stevensville School District

PERSONNEL                    5256

Reduction in Force


The Board has exclusive authority to determine the appropriate number of employees. A reduction in employees may occur as a result of but not be limited to changes in the education program, staff realignment, changes in the size or nature of the student population, financial considerations, or other reasons deemed relevant by the Board.

The Board will follow the procedure stated in the current collective bargaining agreement, if applicable, when considering a reduction in force. The reduction in employees will generally be accomplished through normal attrition when possible. The Board may terminate employees, if normal attrition does not meet the required reduction in force.

If no collective bargaining agreement covers the affected employee, the Board will consider needs of the students, employee performance evaluations, staff needs, and other reasons it deems relevant, in determining order of dismissal when it reduces classified staff or discontinues some type of educational service.

Cross Reference:         5250 Termination from Employment, Non-Renewal of Employment

Legal Reference           § 39-2-912, MCA                   Exceptions

Policy History:

Adopted on: Feb 2002

Reviewed on:  June 11, 2019

Revised on: June 2010; July 9, 2019