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PERSONNEL                                                                    5220

Prohibition on Aiding Sexual Abuse

The district prohibits any employee, contractor or agent from assisting a school employee, contractor or agent in obtaining a new job if the individual or district knows or has probable cause to believe that such school employee, contractor or agent engaged in sexual misconduct regarding a minor or a student in violation of the law.  This prohibition does not include the routine transmission of administrative and personnel files.

This prohibition does not apply under certain conditions specified by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) such as:

  1. The matter has been reported to law enforcement authorities and it has been officially closed or the school officials have been notified by the prosecutor or police after an investigation that there is insufficient information to establish probable cause, or;
  2. The individual has been acquitted or otherwise cleared of the alleged misconduct, or;
  3. The case remains open without charges for more than 4 years after the information was reported to a law enforcement agency.

Legal Reference:      ESSA section 8038, § 8546


Policy History:

Adopted on: March 13, 2108

Reviewed on: February 13, 2018

Revised on: