Stevensville School District

INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                      2421


The Board recognizes that the rate of physical, social, emotional, and academic growth will vary among individual students. Since each student grows at his or her own rate, these individual growth characteristics shall be recognized in classroom programming.

After a student has successfully completed a year of study at a specific grade level, the student will be promoted to the next grade. A student shall not be promoted based upon age or any other social reason not related to academic performance.

Retention at the same grade may be beneficial to the student when the student is not demonstrating minimum competence in the basic skill subjects, in relation to ability and grade level. The administration and professional staff shall establish a system of notifying parents when the student is being considered for retention. The decision to retain a student at the current grade level shall be based on successful completion of the curriculum, attendance and various methods of testing.

Policy History:

Adopted on: Feb. 12, 2002
Revised on: June 2011