8th Grade Coach: Cheryl Mahler 7th Grade Coach: Kara Jennings
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*Schedules are subject to change. The info listed here will be updated as any changes become available.*

2022 Schedule

8/22/2022Moday1st Day of Practice
8/30/2022TuesdayHamiltonHamilton4:00 PM
9/8/2022ThursdayFlorenceFlorence4:00 PM
9/12/2022MondayLone Rock (B Teams)Home4:00 PM
9/14/2022WednesdayVictor (B Teams)Home4:00 PM
9/15/2022ThursdayFrenchtownHome4:00 PM
9/20/2022TuesdayCorvallisHome4:00 PM
9/21/2022WednesdayHamiltonHome4:00 PM
9/22/2022ThursdayDarby (A Temas)Darby4:00 PM
9/26/2022MondayVictor (B Teams)Victor4:00PM
9/27/2022TuesdayFlorenceHome4:00 PM
9/28/2022WednesdayFrenchtownFrenchtown4:00 PM
10/4/2022TuesdayHellegateHome4:00 PM
10/5/2022WednesdayLone Rock (B Teams)Lone Rock4:00 PM
10/6/2022ThursdayCorvallisCorvallis4:00 PM