7th Grade Coaches: Jeff Gum & Brian Gum 8th Grade Coaches: Kadin Beller & Nate Kieres
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2021 Schedule

11/08Frenchtown (7th)Frenchtown4:00pm
11/08Frenchtown (8th)Home4:00pm
11/11Florence (A Teams)Florence4:00pm
11/12Darby (B Teams)Home4:00pm
11/15Corvallis (7th)Corvallis4:00pm
11/15Corvallis (8th)Home4:00pm
11/16Lone Rock (B Teams)Lone Rock4:00pm
11/18Victor (B Teams)Victor4:30pm
11/22 Hamilton (7th)Home4:00pm
11/22Hamilton (8th)Hamilton4:00pm
11/23Florence (A Teams)Home5:00pm
11/29Corvallis (7th)Home4:00pm
11/29Corvallis (8th)Corvallis4:00pm
12/01Victor (B Teams)Home4:00pm
12/02Frenchtown (7th)Home4:00pm
12/02Frenchtown (8th)Frenchtown4:00pm
12/06Hamilton (7th)Hamilton4:00pm
12/06Hamilton (8th)Home4:00pm
12/10Lone Rock (B Teams)Home4:00pm