ON MAY 7, 2019

INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS:  Completely fill in the oval using a blue or black ink pen before the words “BONDS—YES” if you wish to vote for the bond issue; if you are opposed to the bond issue, completely fill in the oval using a blue or black ink pen before the words “BONDS—NO.”

Shall the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of Elementary School District No. 2 (Stevensville), Ravalli County, Montana (the “Elementary District”), be authorized to sell and issue general obligation bonds of the Elementary District in one or more series in the aggregate principal amount of up to Six Million Three Hundred Sixty-Nine Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($6,369,000), bearing interest at rates to be determined at the time of the sale, payable semiannually, during a term as to each series of bonds of not more than twenty (20) years, for the purpose of paying the costs of designing, constructing, remodeling, equipping, and furnishing improvements to the Elementary District facilities to accommodate growth, address safety concerns, and comply with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, to include adding new and upgrading existing classrooms; reconfiguring the school grounds to improve student safety, including relocating the student playground, parent drop-off and bus drop-off locations; consolidating building access and administration space for the safety and security of the students; replacing aging infrastructure, including upgrading heating and electrical systems and window replacements; installing drainage improvements around the building to protect the structural integrity of the building foundation; and related improvements and costs (the “Elementary Project”); paying a portion of the costs of the following improvements (collectively, the “Shared-Cost Improvements”):  (i) replacing aging infrastructure in or serving the high school gymnasium, including improving restroom facilities, making energy efficiency improvements and correcting roof drainage; (ii) remodeling existing satellite buildings for educational and activity related space; (iii) removing an unsound building and relocating maintenance space to the existing bus barn; and (iv) acquiring approximately 8.50 acres of land at 800 Phillips Street and improvements thereon located contiguous to the school property; and paying costs associated with the sale and issuance of the bonds?


If the above proposition passes and the Stevensville High School District bonds, authorization for which is sought simultaneously herewith, do not pass, the Board will be authorized to issue the Elementary District bonds to pay one or more of the Shared-Cost Improvements that can be finished to completion with the proceeds of the Elementary District bonds remaining after paying costs of or related to the Elementary Project and with funds of the Stevensville High School District, if available.