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Lead Renovation

In accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Stevensville School District has this Lead Renovation Policy that is designed to recognize, control and mitigate lead hazards at all District owned facilities and grounds.

The Lead-based paint renovation, repair and painting program (RRP) is a federal regulatory program affecting contractors, property managers, and others who disturb painted surfaces.  It applies to child-occupied facilities such as schools and day-care centers built prior to 1978.

“Renovation” is broadly defined as any activity that disturbs painted surfaces and includes most repair, remodeling, and maintenance activities, including window replacement.

The District has implemented this policy to identify, inspect, control, maintain and improve the handling of lead related issues across the district facilities and grounds. In an effort to reduce potential hazards, the District through training has put together maintenance programs that will not only better protect the environment, but the students and employees of the District as well.

The District’s Lead Renovation Policy shall apply too not only employees of the maintenance department but to outside contractors as well. No outside painting contractor will be permitted to work for the District after April 22, 2010 unless they can show proof of training relative to lead renovation or maintenance from an accredited training institution.

Information Distribution Requirements

No more than 60 days before beginning renovation activities in any school facility of the District, the company performing the renovation must:

  1. Provide the Superintendent with EPA pamphlet titled Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers and Schools.
  2. Obtain, from the District, a written acknowledgement that the District has received the pamphlet.
  3. Provide the parents and guardians of children using the facility with the pamphlet and information describing the general nature and locations of the renovation and the anticipated completion date by complying with one of the following:
    1. Mail or hand-deliver the pamphlet and the renovation information to each parent or guardian of a child using the child-occupied facility.
    2. While the renovation is ongoing, post informational signs describing the general nature and locations of the renovation and the anticipated completion date. These signs must be posted in areas where they can be seen by the parents or guardians of the children frequenting the child-occupied facility. The signs must be accompanied by a posted copy of the pamphlet or information on how interested parents or guardians can review a copy of the pamphlet or obtain a copy from the renovation firm at no cost to the parents or guardians.
  4. The renovation company must prepare, sign, and date a statement describing the steps performed to notify all parents and guardians of the intended renovation activities and to provide the pamphlet.

Record keeping Requirements *

All documents must be retained for three (3) years following the completion of a renovation.

  • Records that must be retained include:
  • Reports certifying that lead-based paint is not present.
  • Records relating to the distribution of the lead pamphlet.
  • Documentation of compliance with the requirements of the Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program.

*Note: The MTSBA recommends that districts follow the same record retention schedule as they do for Asbestos abatement (forever).

Legal Reference:

  • 40 CFR Part 745, Subpart E   Lead-based paint poisoning in certain residential structures
  • 15 U.S.C. 2682 and 2886       Toxic Substances Control Act, Sections 402 and 406

Policy History:

Adopted on: Feb. 12, 2002
Reviewed on: Dec. 17, 2001, August 9, 2016
Revised on: