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The School Board recognizes that the death of a student, member of the staff, or community members is deeply felt by the school community.  As places designed primarily to support learning, school sites should not serve as the main venue for permanent memorials for students, staff, or community members.

Permanent memorials for deceased students, staff, or community members shall be limited in form to perpetual awards or scholarships.  [Contributions may be made to a general scholarship fund established by the district memorializing a student, staff member, or member of the school community.]  [Memorial scholarships may be accepted and awarded under criteria approved by the administration in honor of persons who have special significance to the students, district and community.  All such offers will be submitted to the Superintendent with pertinent information concerning the purpose of the memorial scholarship.  Funds will be administered by the District.]  Items may be accepted by the district in memory of an individual or event with Superintendent approval. The Superintendent will consider any maintenance costs to the district of such gifts.  Items received become the property of the district and will be used for the purpose for which they were donated.

Any permanent memorials in existence before this policy was adopted can only be removed by a vote of the Board of Trustees.

Any such request will be considered in accordance with Board Policy 4330 and 4330P.

Cross Reference:

  • BP 4330                      Community Use of School Facilities
  • BP 4330P                    Rules and Regulations for Building Use

Policy History:

Adopted on: Feb. 12, 2002
Reviewed on: Dec. 17, 2001
Revised on: March 8, 2016