Stevensville School District 

NONINSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS                                                                                    8100


The District may provide transportation to and from school for a student who:

  1. Resides three (3) or more miles, over the shortest practical route, from the nearest

operating public elementary or public high school;

  1. Is a student with a disability, whose IEP identifies transportation as a related service; or
  2. Has another compelling and legally sufficient reason to receive transportation services.

The District may elect to reimburse the parent or guardian of a student for individually transporting any

eligible student.

The District may provide transportation by school bus or other vehicle or through individual

transportation such as paying the parent or guardian for individually transporting the student. The Board

may pay board and room reimbursements, provide supervised correspondence study, or provide

supervised home study. The Board may authorize children attending an approved private school to ride a

school bus, provided that space is available and a fee to cover the per-seat cost for such transportation is

collected. The District may transport and charge for an ineligible public school student, provided the parent or guardian pays a proportionate share of transportation services.  Fees collected for transportation of ineligible students shall be deposited in the transportation fund.  Transportation issues that cannot be resolved by the trustees may be appealed to the county transportation committee.

Homeless students shall be transported in accordance with the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act and

state law.

In-Town Busing

In-town busing is defined as the busing of students within three (3) miles of their school.  In-town busing

is a privilege the District can discontinue at any time.  The Superintendent will establish guidelines under

which a student may request in-town busing.

Children in Foster Care

The [Superintendent] [building administrator] will appoint a Point of Contact (POC) to coordinate

activities relating to the District’s provisions of services to children placed in foster care, including

transportation services.  The Superintendent, or designee, will inform the Department of Health

and Human Services who is the POC for the District.  The District will collaborate with the

Department of Health and Human Services when transportation is required to maintain children

placed in foster care in a school of origin outside their usual attendance area or District when in

the best interest of the student. Under the supervision of the Superintendent/designee, the POC will

invite appropriate District officials, the Department of Health and Human Services POC, and

officials from other districts to consider how such transportation is to be arranged and funded in a

cost-effective manner.

If there are additional costs to be incurred in providing transportation to maintain a student in the

school of origin, the District will provide transportation to such school if:

The Department agrees to reimburse the District for the cost of such transportation;

The District agrees to pay for the cost of such transportation; or

The District and the Department agree to share the cost of such transportation.


“Foster Care” means 24-hour care for children placed away from their parents, guardians, or

person exercising custodial control or supervision and for whom the Department has placement

care and responsibility.

“School of origin” means the school in which a child is enrolled at the time of placement in foster


While “Best Interest” is not defined in ESSA, that determination shall take into account all relevant

factors, including consideration of the appropriateness of the current educational setting, and the

proximity to the school in which the child is enrolled at the time of foster care placement.


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Policy History:

Adopted on: Feb. 12, 2002

Reviewed on: Dec. 12, 2017

Revised on: Jan. 9, 2018