Stevensville School District 

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Student Teachers/Interns

The District recognizes its obligation to assist in the development of members of the teaching profession.  The District shall make an effort to cooperate with accredited institutions of higher learning in the education of student teachers and other professionals in training (such as interns) by providing a reasonable number of classroom and other real-life situations each year.

The District and the respective training institutions shall enter into mutually satisfactory agreements whereby the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the practical experiences shall be established.

The Superintendent shall coordinate all requests from cooperating institutions for placement with building principals so that excessive concentrations of student teachers and interns shall be avoided.  As a general rule:

  1. A student teacher shall be assigned to a teacher or other professional who has agreed to cooperate and who has no less than three (3) years of experience in the profession;
  2. A supervising professional shall be assigned no more than one (1) student teacher/intern per school year;
  3. The supervising professional shall remain responsible for the class;
  4. The student teacher shall assume the same conditions of employment as a regular teacher with regard to meeting the health examination requirements, length of school day, supervision of co-curricular activities, staff meetings, and in-service training; and
  5. The student teacher shall be subject to the District policy regarding background checks, if the student teacher has unsupervised access to children.

Cross Reference:

  • 5122    Fingerprints and Criminal Background Investigations

Legal Reference:

  • § 20-4-101(2) and (3), MCA  System and definitions of teacher and specialist certification – student teacher exception

Policy History:

Adopted on: March 14, 2017
Reviewed on: February 14, 2017
Revised on: