Stevensville School District 

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Personnel Records

The District maintains a complete personnel record for every current and former employee.  The employees’ personnel records will be maintained in the District’s administrative office, under the Superintendent’s direct supervision.  Employees will be given access to their personnel records, in accordance with guidelines developed by the Superintendent.

In addition to the Superintendent or other designees, the Board may grant a committee or a member of the Board access to cumulative personnel files.  When specifically authorized by the Board, counsel retained by the Board or by the employee will also have access to a cumulative personnel file.

In accordance with federal law, the District will release information regarding the professional qualifications and degrees of teachers and the qualifications of paraprofessionals to parents upon request, for any teacher or paraprofessional who is employed by a school receiving Title I funds, and who provides instruction to their child at that school.  Access to other information contained in the personnel records of District employees is governed by Policy 4340.

Personnel records must be kept for 10 years after termination.

Cross Reference:

  • 4340    Public Access to District Records

Legal Reference:

  • 10.55.701, ARM         Board of Trustees
  • No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, P.L. 107-334

Policy History:

Adopted on:    February 12, 2002
Revised on:     June 9, 2009; Nov. 12, 2013