Stevensville School District



Fingerprint Background Handling Procedure

  1. Who needs to be fingerprinted: All individuals 18 years of age or older to be volunteers or recommended for hire by Stevensville School District need to be fingerprinted.
  2. Stevensville School District will obtain a signed waiver from all applicants and provide written communication of applicant rights (Applicant Rights and Consent to Fingerprint Form 5122F). The Applicant Rights and Consent to Fingerprint Form will be kept on file for 5 years or for the length of employment, whichever is longer. The form will be filed in the employees Personnel file.

Authority to Fingerprint

The Stevensville School District will process candidates recommended for hire fingerprints.

Applicants will complete two (2) fingerprint cards following instructions on the card to fill out the District office personnel will add information in the box regarding reason to be fingerprinted.

A spreadsheet of those fingerprinted is kept by Stevensville School District to identify the individual, position being hired for, date of fingerprint, date print received and date print billed.

Stevensville School District staff that have received training by CRISS will process the fingerprints and send them to the DOJ.

Determination Procedures

Personnel staff that have been trained by CRISS and granted access to criminal history record information will receive the background results through their Montana State File Transfer

a.  Results are reviewed for determination of eligibility to hire.

b.  Any adverse reports are presented to the appropriate administrator for final approval.

c. Determination is noted on a determination form and kept in a locked file cabinet.

Storage Procedure

Printed background is stored in a locked file cabinet in a sealed envelope marked “confidential”. This file cabinet is only accessible to staff that have received CRISS training.

Dissemination Procedure

Dissemination can only be authorized to personnel within an authorized school district for the purpose

which is consistent with the original request of the CHRI.

a.  Requesting individual must submit a completed dissemination request form.

b.  Requesting individual must have worked at least five (50 days prior to the request.

c.  All disseminated copies shall be marked with “Copy”.

d.  The dissemination must be recorded on a dissemination log.

i.  The log will be maintained for three (3) years from date of entry.

ii.  The information on the dissemination log will include:

1. Date record was shared

2. Who sent the request (personnel name and district; only CRISS trained personnel can disseminate information)

3.  How the request was fulfilled.

iii.  Dissemination requests are mailed, faxed or emailed to the requesting representative of the district.

Destruction Procedure

  • Criminal history record information will be stored with the personnel file in a sealed envelope marked “confidential” for two (2) years or the length of employment, whichever comes first. Stevensville School District utilizes shredding for destruction of information no longer needed.
  • Dissemination logs are destroyed 3 years from date of entry.

Training Procedure

  • Local Agency Security Officer (LASO)

o    Signed user agreement between district and CRISS

  • Privacy and Security Training

o CRISS training on CHRI required to receive background reports

Policy History:

Promulgated on: February 12, 2002

Reviewed on:  August 14, 2018; June 11, 2019

Revised on:   January 13, 2009; July 9, 2019