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STUDENTS                                                                                                                            3440P

Removal of Student During School Day

Schools must exercise a high order of responsibility for the care of students while in school.  The removal of a student during the school day may be authorized in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. Law enforcement officers, upon proper identification, may remove a student from school as provided in Policies 4410 and 4411.
  2. Any other agencies must have a written administrative or court order directing the District to give custody to them. However, employees of the Department of Public Health and Human Services may take custody of a student under provisions of § 41-3-301, MCA, without a court order. Proper identification is required before the student shall be released.
  3. A student shall be released to the custodial parent. When in doubt as to custodial rights, school enrollment records must be relied upon, as the parents (or guardians) have the burden of furnishing schools with accurate, up-to-date information.
  4. The school should always check with the custodial parent before releasing the student to a non-custodial parent.
  5. Prior written authorization from the custodial parent or guardian is required before releasing a student into someone else’s custody, unless an emergency situation justifies a waiver.
  6. Police should be called if a visitor becomes disruptive or abusive.

Cross Reference:

  • 4410    Relations with the Law Enforcement and Child Protective Agencies
  • 4411    Investigations and Arrests by Police

Procedure History:

Promulgated on:  Feb. 12, 2002
Reviewed on: June 12, 2012
Revised on: