Stevensville School District  

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Part-Time Attendance

The District will not accept students eligible to enroll in grades K-6 on a part-time basis unless they are disabled.  The District will review requests for part-time enrollment of grades 7-12 students on a case-by-case basis, with a building principal making a final decision.  The District will consider only those students who are not enrolled in any other public school.

Criteria for accepting students in grades 7-12 for part-time enrollment are the following:

  1. Accepting a student will not create excess student enrollment in a requested class;
  2. Accepting a student will not create need for an additional staff member;
  3. Accepting a student will not cause a new section of a course to be created.

The District will accept on a first-come, first-served basis students wishing to enroll in the same course.  Whenever the enrollment position of a part-time student is needed for a regular, full-time student during the year, a full-time student has priority for the position beginning with the next semester.

Legal Reference:

  • § 20-9-311(a), MCA   Calculation of average number belonging (ANB) –                                                                            3-year averaging

Policy History:

Adopted on: Dec. 2001
Reviewed on:
Revised on:  Feb. 14, 2012