Stevensville School District


Students of Legal Age

Every student eighteen (18) years of age or older like all other students, will comply with the rules established by the District, pursue the prescribed course of study, and submit to the authority of teachers and other staff members as required by policy and state law. The administration is authorized to make exceptions to this policy for students related to reasons that include but are not limited to homelessness, emancipation, or applicable court order.


Adult students who reside with parents or guardians and/or are classified as dependents of parents or guardians for tax purposes must have applicable forms completed by parents or guardians.

Admission to School

The residence of an adult student who is not residing with a parent or guardian will be considered the residence for school purposes.

Field Trips/Athletic Programs

Approved forms for participation will be required of all students. The form should indicate that the signature is that of the parent.


Absence notes will be signed by parents or guardians. Excessive absences will result in consequences according to policy 3122P and will be reported on the report card.


All suspension and/or expulsion proceedings will conform to the requirements of state statutes.  Notification of all such proceedings will be sent to parents or guardians.

Withdrawal From School

Adult students may withdraw from school under their own cognizance. Counselors will guide and counsel potential dropouts and encourage their continued attendance. Parents will be notified of impending dropouts by the school.

Permission to Inspect Student Records

A student that attains the age of legal majority is an “eligible student” under FERPA. An eligible  student has the right to access and inspect their student records. An eligible student may not prevent their parents from accessing and inspecting their student records if they are a dependent of their parents in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Report Cards

Progress reports will be sent to the parent or legal guardian.

Excuses From School

The school will verify requests from students who wish to leave school early for reasons such as  job interviews, college visits, driver testing, etc., with the organization being visited. Permission to leave school early may be denied for what is considered a non-valid reason.

Financial Responsibility

Adult students can be held financially responsible for damage to school property.

Policy History:
Adopted on: December 2001
Reviewed on: June 8, 2021; September 14, 2021
Revised on: July 28, 2021; October 12, 2021