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Compulsory Attendance

To reach the goal of maximum educational benefits for every child requires a regular continuity of instruction, classroom participation, learning experiences, and study.  Regular interaction of students with one another in classrooms and their participation in instructional activities under the tutelage of competent teachers are vital to the entire process of education.  This established principle of education underlies and gives purpose to the requirement of compulsory schooling in every state in the nation.  A student’s regular attendance also reflects dependability and is a significant component of a student’s permanent record.

Parents or legal guardians or legal custodians are responsible for seeing that their children who are age seven (7) or older before the first (1st) day of school attend school until the later of the following dates:

  1. Child’s sixteenth (16th) birthday; or
  2. Completion date of the work of eighth (8th) grade.

Compulsory attendance stated above will not apply when children:

  1. Are provided with supervised correspondence or home study; or
  2. Are excused because of a determination by a district judge that attendance is not in the best interests of the child; or
  3. Are enrolled in a non-public or home school; or
  4. Are enrolled in a school in another district or state; or
  5. Are excused by the Board on a determination that attendance after age of sixteen (16) is not in the best interests of the child and the school.

Legal Reference:

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Policy History:

Adopted on:     Dec 2001
Reviewed on:  Dec. 13, 2011
Revised on: