Stevensville School District 


Health Enhancement

Health, family life, and sex education, including information about parts of the body, reproduction, and related topics, will be included in the instructional program as appropriate to grade level and course of study.  An instructional approach will be developed after consultation with parents and other community representatives.  Parents may ask to review materials to be used and may request that their child be excluded from sex education class sessions without prejudice.

The Board believes HIV/AIDS and other STD instruction is most effective when integrated into a comprehensive health education program.  HIV/AIDS and other STD instruction will not be introduced prior to the 5th grade and thereafter instruction must be appropriate to grade level and development of students and must occur in a systematic manner.  The Board particularly desires that students receive proper education about HIV and other STD’s, before they reach the age when they may adopt behaviors which put them at risk of contracting the disease.

In order for education about HIV and other STD’s to be most effective, the Superintendent will require that faculty members who present this instruction receive continuing in-service training which includes appropriate teaching strategies and techniques.  Other staff members not involved in direct instruction, but who have contact with students, will receive basic information about HIV/AIDS and other STD’s and instruction in use of universal precautions when dealing with body fluids.

In accordance with Board policy, parents will have an opportunity to review the HIV/STD education program, before it is presented to students.

Legal Reference:
§§ 50-16-1001, et seq., MCA AIDS Education and Prevention (AIDS Prevention Act)

Policy History:
Adopted on: February 2002
Revised on: April 2011