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The District recognizes that federal law makes it illegal to duplicate copyrighted materials without authorization of the holder of the copyright, except for certain exempt purposes.  Severe penalties may be imposed for unauthorized copying or use of audio, visual, or printed materials and computer software, unless the copying or use conforms to the “fair use” doctrine.

Under the “fair use” doctrine, unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials is permissible for such purposes as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

While the District encourages its staff to enrich learning programs by making proper use of supplementary materials, it is the responsibility of staff to abide by District copying procedures and obey requirements of law.  Under no circumstances will it be necessary for staff to violate copyright requirements in order to properly perform their duties.  The District cannot be responsible for any violations of the copyright law by its staff.

Any staff member who is uncertain as to whether reproducing or using copyrighted material complies with District procedures or is permissible under the law should consult the Superintendent.  The Superintendent will assist staff in obtaining proper authorization to copy or use protected materials, when such authorization is required.

Legal Reference:

  • 17 USC 101 – 1010     Federal Copyright Law of 1976

Policy History:

Adopted on: February 2002
Revised on: April 2011