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Selection, Adoption, and Removal of Textbooks and Instructional Materials

Curriculum committees will generally be responsible to recommend textbooks and major instructional materials purchases.  Recommendations will be made to the Superintendent.  The function of the committee is to ensure that materials are selected in conformance with stated criteria and established District goals and objectives.  A curriculum committee may consist of only those members in a particular department. The same basic selection procedures should be followed as with District-wide committees.

Selection and Adoption

Textbooks shall be selected by a curriculum committee representing the various staff who will likely be using the text.  In most, but not all, cases an administrator will chair the committee.  Each committee should develop, prior to selection, a set of selection criteria against which textbooks will be evaluated.  The criteria should include the following, along with other appropriate criteria.  Textbooks shall

  • Be congruent with identified instructional objectives;
  • Present more than one viewpoint on controversial issues;
  • Present minorities realistically;
  • Present non-stereotypic models;
  • Facilitate the sharing of cultural differences;
  • Be priced appropriately.


Textbooks may be removed when they no longer meet the criteria for initial selection, when they are worn out, or when they have been judged inappropriate through the Learning Materials Review Process.

Procedure History:

Adopted on: February 2002
Revised on: April 2011