Stevensville School District   

INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                       2221

School Closure

The Superintendent may order closure of schools in the event of extreme weather or other emergency, in compliance with established procedures for notifying parents, students, and staff.

When the closure of the school is the result of an emergency, the Trustees have the authority to approve that the lost pupil instructional time does not need to be rescheduled.  This is limited to one (1) school day per year.

Cross Reference:

  • 8110    Bus Routes and Schedules

Legal Reference:

  • §§ 20-9-801 – 802, MCA        Emergency School Closure
  • §§ 20-9-806, MCA School closure by declaration of emergency

Policy History:

Adopted on: February 2002
Revised on: April 2011