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Grade Organization

The District maintains instructional levels for grades kindergarten (K) through twelve (12).  The grouping and housing of instructional levels in school facilities will be according to plans developed by the Superintendent and approved by the Board.

Instructional programs will be coordinated between each grade and between levels of schools.

A student will be assigned to an instructional group or to a classroom which will best serve the needs of that individual while still considering the rights and needs of other students.  Factors to be considered in classroom assignments are class size, peer relations, student/teacher relations, instructional style of individual teachers, and any other variables that will affect the performance of the student.

Criteria for grouping will be based on learning goals and objectives addressed and the student’s ability to achieve those purposes.

Legal Reference:          § 20-6-501, MCA       Definition of various schools

Policy History:

Adopted on:    February 2002
Revised on:     January 11, 2011