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INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                                    2000


The District’s educational program will provide an opportunity for each child to develop to his or her maximum potential.  The objectives for the educational program are:

  1. Are fundamental to present and future learning in all walks of life;
  2. Help the student to solve problems and think more productively;
  3. Help the student to relate with other people effectively;
  4. Promote the student to attain and maintain physical and mental fitness;
  5. Help the student to understand and appreciate other people, how they live and how their lifestyles may impact his/her present and future life;
  6. Help the student become prepared for the world of work;
  7. Assist the student to adapt to technological change and its impact on his/her present and future life;
  8. Enable the student to use free time in a self-satisfying manner;
  9. Assist the student to understand how beliefs and values guide one’s actions.


The Administrative staff is responsible for apprising the Board of the state accreditation program standards annually, and provide in each school building at least one copy of the standards for staff.  The Board acknowledges its responsibility for developing and implementing a curriculum designed to provide for sequential intellectual and skill development necessary for students to progress on a continuous basis from the elementary through secondary school.

Each year, the Superintendent shall determine the degree to which the District instructional programs are being developed and implemented.  Accomplishment reports shall provide the Board with the necessary information to make future program improvement decisions.

Legal Reference:          10.55.701, ARM         Board of Trustees

Policy History:

Adopted on:    February 12, 2002
Revised on:     January 11, 2011