Stevensville School District 

THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                                               1014FE

Flexibility and Efficiency

Intent to Increase Non-Voted Levy

The trustees shall adopt a resolution no later than March 31 whenever the trustees intend to impose an increase in a non-voted levy in the ensuing school fiscal year for the purposes of funding any of the funds listed below:

  1. Tuition fund under 20-5-324;
  2. Adult education fund under 20-7/705;
  3. Building reserve fund under 20-9-502 and 20-9-503;
  4. Transportation fund under 20-10-143 and 20-10-144; and
  5. Bus depreciation reserve fund under 20-10-147.

The trustees shall provide notice of intent to impose an increase in a non-voted levy for the ensuing school fiscal year by:

  1. Adopting a resolution of intent to impose an increase in a non-voted levy that includes, at a minimum, the estimated number of increased or decreased mills to be imposed and the estimated increased or decreased revenue to be raised compared to non-voted levies under a-e imposed in the current school fiscal year and, based on the district’s taxable valuation most recently certified by the department of revenue under 15-10-202, the estimated impacts of the increase or decrease on a home valued at $100,000 and a home valued at $200,000, and
  2. Publish a copy of the resolution in a newspaper that will give notice to the largest number of people of the district as determined by the trustees and posting a copy of the resolution to the school district’s website.

The resolution and publication of same must take place no later than March 31.

The Superintendent shall keep the trustees informed of any changes that may have occurred, which may have an effect on the estimated change in the mills and revenue, between the adoption of the resolution and the final adoption of the budget.

Legal Reference:         SB 307, 2017 Legislative Session

Policy History:

Adopted on: February 12, 2019

Reviewed on: January 8, 2019

Revised on: