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Multidistrict Agreements

It is the policy of the District to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the District’s resources by utilizing multidistrict agreements whenever possible.

Montana law (20-3-363, MCA) allows the boards of trustees of any two or more school districts to enter into a multidistrict agreement to create a multidistrict cooperative to perform any services, activities, and undertakings of the participating districts and to provide for the joint funding and operation and maintenance of all participating districts upon the terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed to by the districts

The agreement must be approved by the boards of trustees of all participating districts and must include a provision specifying terms upon which a district may exit the multidistrict cooperative. The agreement may be for a period of up to 3 years.

All expenditures in support of the multidistrict agreement may be made from the inter-local cooperative fund as specified in 20-9-703 and 20-9-704. Each participating district of the multidistrict cooperative may transfer funds into the inter-local cooperative fund from the district’s general fund, budgeted funds other than the retirement fund or debt service fund, or non-budgeted funds other than the compensated absence liability fund. Transfers to the inter-local cooperative fund from each participating school district’s general fund are limited to an amount not to exceed the direct state aid in support of the respective school district’s general fund. Transfers from the retirement fund and debt service fund are prohibited. Transfers may not be made with funds restricted by federal law unless the transfer is in compliance with any restrictions or conditions imposed by federal law.

Expenditures from the inter-local cooperative fund are limited to those expenditures that are permitted by law and that are within the final budget for the budgeted fund from which the transfer was made.

If transfers of funds are made from a District fund supported by a non-voted levy, the District may not increase its non-voted levy for the purpose of restoring the amount of funds transferred.

Examples of flexibility under this policy and Montana Law include but are not limited to:

  • A district with a separate high school and elementary budget can enter into an agreement within the district;
  • A district may enter into an agreement with any other school district(s) for the sharing of resources, including supplies, services, personnel,

Legal Reference:

20-3-363, MCA            Multidistrict agreements – fund transfers

20-9-703, MCA            District as prime agency

2-9-704, MCA              District as cooperating agency


Adopted on: February 13, 2019

Reviewed on: January 9, 2019

Revised on: