Stevensville School District

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Proficiency-Based ANB

It is the policy of the District to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the District’s resources by utilizing the provision of law allowing proficiency-based ANB.

The District may include in its calculation of ANB a pupil who is enrolled in a program providing fewer than the required aggregate hours of pupil instruction required under Montana law if the pupil has demonstrated proficiency in the content ordinarily covered by the instruction as determined by the school board using district assessments. The ANB of a pupil who demonstrates proficiency in any content/subject matter will be converted to an hourly equivalent based on the hours of instruction ordinarily provided for the content over which the student has demonstrated proficiency.

The District may waive specific course requirements based on individual student needs and performance levels. Waiver requests shall also be considered with respect to age, maturity, interest, and aspirations of the students and shall be in consultation with the parents or guardians.

At the discretion of the District, a student may be given credit for a course satisfactorily completed in a period of time shorter or longer than normally required and, provided that the course meets the District’s curriculum and assessment requirements, which are aligned with the content standards stated in the education program. Examples of acceptable course work include, but are not necessarily limited to, those delivered through correspondence, extension, and distance learning courses, adult education, summer school, work study, specially designed courses, and challenges to current courses.

Legal Reference:

20-1-301, MCA                          School fiscal year

20-9-311(4)(a)(b)(d), MCA         Calculation of average number belonging (ANB) – 3-year averaging

20-3-324, MCA                           Powers and duties

10.55.906 ARM                           High School Credit

Policy History:

Adopted on: May 14, 2019

Reviewed on: April 9, 2019

Revised on: