Out of District Enrollment

  • Out-of-District Student Enrollment Form

    Continuing Students: Please complete and return this form by May 15th. I am an out-of-district student that is applying to attend Stevensville School District. I understand that I must provide the following information and agree to the attendance, conduct, and academic procedures outlined below. A separate application form must be completed for each student seeking admission.
  • I hereby request that attendance in the Stevensville School District be approved for the following named child for the ________ school year.
  • Prior School Name/Address
  • Custodial Parent Mailing Address 1
  • Custodial Parent Mailing Address 2
    Physical address of residence where child is actually living. Box or route number is not sufficient. Students not residing with custodial parent, legal guardian or other person with documented legal custody will not be admitted except by court order, unless custodial parent, legal guardian or other person with documented legal custody also resides in the district.
  • Address of Parent/Guardian where child resides
  • Out-of-District students must board the school bus at a designated Stevensville School District approved pick-up/drop-off zone. Exception- Lone Rock residents, grades K-8 are eligible if a sibling attends Stevensville High School or the K-8 student rode the bus under this provision but the High School sibling has graduated.
  • **Completion of this document does not insure that the applicant will be admitted to Stevensville School District. Please make any appropriate arrangements on the event that the applicant is not ultimately admitted.