Head Coach: Ralph Serrette
two yellowjackets on either side of the words "go jackets!"

2022 Schedule

8/26/2022Lone PeakLone Peak4:00 PM
8/27/2022ParkPark12:00 PM
9/3/2022LoyolaHome1:00 PM
9/8/2022FrenchtownHome6:00 PM
9/10/2022CorvallisCorvallis11:00 AM
9/12/2022Hamilton JV Hamilton4:00 PM
9/13/2022East HelenaEast Helena6:00 PM
9/17/2022HamiltonHome11:00 AM
9/22/2022LoyolaLoyola4:00 PM
9/26/2022PlainsPlainsB-JV 5:00 PM
9/27/2022Corvallis Home6:00 PM
9/29/2022FrenchtownFrenchtown3:00 PM
10/1/2022Plains Home
10/3/2022Hamilton JVHome5:00 PM
10/4/2022HamiltonHamilton6:30 PM
10/6/2022East HelenaHome3:00 PM