Stevensville High School had a great turn out for the event this year, and

their efforts were rightly rewarded.

These projects were above and beyond the regular course work and the students rose to the challenge in a big way!

Great Job

Mrs. Blair had 4 students work very hard and submit exceptional projects.

Jacob Blyton, Bradley Garoutte, Jordan Gardner, and Kadince Babineau


Mr. Wells had the following students submit projects and they all placed in their categories.

Historical Paper-Senior Division

1st Place-Social Media Applications and Their Detrimental Effects on High School Students’ Social Anxieties

Claire Schneiter

2nd Place-Social Media Addictions

Presley Ochs

Group Exhibit-Senior Division

1st Place-Social Media; Communication’s Greatest Friend, Society’s Greatest Enemy

Olivia Peretto, Fenn Chimo

Group Performance-Senior Division

1st Place-Communicating the Danger of Serial Killers

Claire Moody, Maddox Hurlbert, Amanda Cook

Group Documentary-Senior Division

1st Place-The Words of War

Ryker Smith, Sophia Wells, Lily Wages, Garrett Schreiber

Individual Documentary-Senior Division

1st Place-The Origins of the Southern Accent

Thomas Teniente