Stevensville School District

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Regarding School Reopening

August 2020

Montana K-12 Outbreak Response Protocols

 Q: When and where will school supply lists be posted?

A: They will be sent home in the annual Buzz newsletter from the Superintendent. Unfortunately, due to the rapidly changing environment, the newsletter has been delayed and we hope to have it mailed the week of August 24th. Additionally they have been posted on the school website and Facebook pages for K-8 classes. A distance learning supply list has also been published.


Q: Will the district pay for testing if a child is exposed? Will the school pay if a teacher is exposed?

A: The District will not be paying for students or teachers who become exposed. Exposure to COVID-19 may have happened in any environment.


Q: When will 6th grade class schedules be out and how do we pick band/choir? Will there be band?

A: Schedules will be posted in Infinite Campus in the coming weeks. Yes, there will be band, but it may look different.


Q: Can you please describe the plan for distance learning for primary and middle school?

A: In grades K-5, we will identify Stevensville distance learning teachers who are . We won’t know how many teachers we have available for this until we survey families asking if they want on-site or distance learning. Our teachers have been and will be participating in professional development to offer distance learning. Grades 6-12 will use the Google Apps platform (Classroom, etc). At the present time we plan to use our own educational staff for distance learning.


Q: How are you planning on dealing with children that have I.E.P.? Will they still be pulled from the room to go to the special ed room?

A: Students will continue to receive IEP and 504 services, similar to before. This may vary slightly per school. The special education teachers will provide services for students on-site and distance learning.



Q: What will the process look like if and when a teacher or student is found positive after being at school?

A: We have a draft flowchart created to guide us through all of these scenarios. The final version is under development and will be distributed electronically and via hard copy on the first day of school.


Q: Wondering how long the primary kids will have to attend school from the start of school until the next decision time is to either attend onsite or via distance learning?

A: We have changed this to trimesters for K-3. The 4-12 will still continue with quarterly commitments to distance learning. Case by case scenarios will be determined at administrative discretion.


Q: What do you envision the first day of school looking like in regards to getting all the kids to class with all their supplies?  Will kids all be on the playground in the mornings or directly to their classroom?

A: We are looking at this for a scenario that suits both children and parents. We are attempting to provide times for small groups of students to come in and meet the teacher.


Q: How are meal times being handled for kids?

A: K-3 will eat in the classrooms. 5-12 will eat in the cafeteria. Meal times and schedules have been adjusted to accommodate these groups.


Q: Why is distance learning being outsourced for 6-12 rather than using Stevensville teachers?

A: We are no longer considering Edgenuity. It was originally planned as a way to assure we could offer students the best possible education without over-taxing our teacher work day.


Q: If my child has to leave the state for dr appointments, will he have to remain home for a certain amount of time before he can attend school onsite?

A: In this phase, there is no quarantine directive from the Governor. The school will follow state mandates in this area.


Q: If distance learning is chosen how will services like special ed speech therapy, OT, etc?

A: Our special education professionals will offer services digitally.


Q: Last year, elementary students received “NA” for grades, if online learning is chosen, will that be the case again?

A: We are working on creating a more reliable assessment plan to capture student’s proficiency this year. We are researching better ways to gather accurate information on children when they are not in our vicinity. Children will be receiving grades


Q: Are you accepting out of district students that were not enrolled last year?

A: Yes, the School Board adopted an open district protocol several years ago, which is still in place.

Q: When there is an outbreak who will determine the next steps. Will children and teachers be put in quarantine and parents notified?

A: Yes, the school will follow guidance from the Ravalli County Health Department. Ravalli County Health Dept and our school nurses have developed procedures and a flowchart. Ravalli County Health Dept in conjunction with District Administration will determine appropriate steps.


Q: How can you ensure the students in distance learning will be getting an equal opportunity at experiences that students on campus will get?

A: K-5 teachers will lesson plan together and pace together. The content in the classroom will also be taught in the distance learning environment. 6-12 teachers will be live streaming (not recording) their lessons and helping students who are distance learning. The A/B schedules will allow for this.


Q: Are Choir and Pep Band going to be offered? If so, if a student chooses distance learning are they still able to take those classes as well?

A: For grades 5-8 choir and band are going to be offered by limiting class sizes. The band numbers are low. Concert band and choir classes are scheduled to continue, however pep band will not perform at games until further notice.


Q: If a parent chooses to home school, will there be set entry dates for them to be able to return to campus?

A: If a parent chooses homeschool, that means that they are withdrawing from Stevensville Schools and can re-enroll at any time.


Q: So if distance learning is chosen in the beginning will they be allowed to reintegrate with Stevensville curriculum ?

A: Yes because we are live streaming the curriculum should be seamless.


Q: Do the middle school kids get breaks within the classroom during the block schedules?

A: Yes


Q: Will the K-5 kids get to meet their teacher before the first day of school?

A: Not in person at this time. K-3 is looking into a way to make this work.


Q: Will distance learning be on a set schedule? information has said it will be “more rigorous” what does that mean?

A: Yes, because it will be more rigorous because it will be live streamed. There will be more student to teacher facetime and more videos or live streaming of teaching. This means that students need to attend the scheduled class time.


Q: If a child is using Distance learning, can they play School sports?

A: Yes, if they remain enrolled through the school they can.


Q: What is the HVAC situation for classrooms in all schools? Has the school addressed this requirement for improved air ventilation?

A: Superintendent Dr. Moore met with our construction contractor and HVAC contractor on Aug. 20th to resolve air ventilation in rooms affected by the shipping delay in HVAC ventilation equipment. All unit ventilators, new and old, will have MERV-13 filters and all HVAC units are currently being fitted with GPS ionization units. Portable ionization units will be temporarily used in all classrooms with missing HVAC units. All rooms will have fresh air return available through windows or temporary ducts.


Q: Is there any contingency plan for an outbreak of Covid-19?  For on campus students, is there a limit of allowable positive cases before shut down will be enforced? Will it be by grade/class?

A: The school is ready to handle partial or full closure as necessitated. There is not a specific limit or positive cases. Closure would depend on contact exposure. Limited exposure may result in limited closure. Wide-spread exposure may result in more extensive closure as determined in conjunction with Ravalli County Health Department.


Q: If schedules for the 6th grade won’t be out till the first day then where will they go?

A: 6-12 student schedules will be mailed home the first week of September.


Q: When do 4th graders find out their teacher?

A: K-5 parents will receive an email from the classroom teacher the first week of September.


Q: Will high school students that choose distance learning have access to a counselor to make sure the classes they pick will ensure they are on track to match the schedule/classes they chose in the spring?

A: Yes


Q: For recess in Primary building, will K/1 and 2/3 still play at the same time?

A: No, each grade level will have their own recess time.


Q: In the document mailed out, phase 1 scenario 2, it mentions for onsite students there would be alternating days when students are not on campus, what exactly does that mean?

A: If we drop back to this phase, we will limit the number of students on campus. It is not likely that we will alternate days. Instead, we will likely bring a limited number of students needing extra academic and social emotional assistance to assure their success.

Q: Will CSCT commit to serving students in both distance and in-person settings?

A: Yes


Q: Prior to the end of each qtr. it sounds like parents will be given the choice again to distance learn or classroom? Will the school be reaching out to parents to find out their preference before the end of each qtr?

A: Yes


Q: Will students in distance learning take part in any district wide assessments?

A: Yes


Q: Will there be stinger singers, chess club, holiday programs, etc. still?

A: No stinger singers and no holiday programs. We will reassess at the end of the quarter for all clubs, right now we will not have any clubs.


Q: If a student is distance learning, what will the requirements be for computers? Will laptops be made available on loan from the school, or will families enrolling in distance learning be required to acquire an appropriate computer?

A: The schools suggest that all distance learning students have their own electronic devices. Students will be considered to borrow a school-owned Chromebook on a case by case basis. We are limited in the number of Chromebooks for on-site learners, so we are asking families to provide their own devices when possible.


Q: At the end of the day, is there any new student pick up protocol, or are parents still allowed to wait out of the car, on campus, on the grass, etc.

A: The parking lot across from the School District has been leased. Families are welcome to park  in that lot to pick up their children. Please make sure you do not occupy spaces allocated to the apartment complex. We ask that you maintain social distancing in accordance with the State directives.

Parking in the drop-off loop will be greatly limited due to construction. Please do not impede driving lanes or the bus loop. Additionally, Phillips St. will be closed off. You are welcome to drop off students outside of the playground until the K-3 loop is completed.


Q: Can the students come in for elective classes that they have selected.

A: High School Administration is examining this request.




Q: Follow up- if you accept out of district students based on distance learning students when families are comfortable coming back will you have crowded classes?

A: We have several options and ideas to avoid overcrowding. This is the task of district administration after school begins.


Q: Are teachers going to be lenient in the beginning since they don’t know how much the kids learned during distance learning last year?

A: Re-teaching concepts from the end of the 19-20 school year will be important. Pre-testing will also be a necessary component for all units.


Q: What agent is being used for the “chemical kill.”

A: Thymol


Q: Is kindergarten camp still going on in a few weeks?

A: Yes, it starts August 18th.


Q: Are outside vendors, delivery personnel, construction workers restricted from common areas where students are located to help limit any potential exposure?

A: Yes. We are working to limit interaction between construction workers and the school community. However, there will be times when construction workers must access certain areas of the school. Workers have been instructed to wear masks when this occurs.


Q: Will distance learning be an option for the whole year and possibly next?

A: Distance learning is an option for this school year and we will reassess if it will be an option for later school years.


Q: Can you tell us more about precautions on the buses?

A: Fogger spray, masks, and social distancing. We are exploring additional bus routes to reduce the number of students on busses. Busses will be disinfected after every morning and evening route.


Q: If a child gets infected in the classroom, will all parents get notified?

A: We will notify families if there is a case in the classroom or other areas based on contact tracing. Student names will be withheld due to FERPA and HIPAA requirements.


Q: Is there a plan for ACT for juniors?

A: Yes, this year’s juniors are slated for the Spring. Make ups for last year’s juniors, this year’s seniors, are October 6th.



Q: Would it be an option for a middle school student to opt out of band/choir since it is a higher exposure setting, even with precautions?

A: Yes


Q: When will we know who our distance learning teacher is? If it is not the regular assigned teacher.

A: As soon as we can get the data in and classes separated. We are working hard to get this completed.


Q: When/if there are positive cases, what are the school policies?  Could we end up home schooling again?  And if so, are children going to be using the same programs during school so they can easily continue at home?

A: Yes


Q: Where can we send additional questions as needed?

A: Building principals


Q: How many kids will be together per room at Kindergarten Readiness Camp?

A:There are about 45 registered. This is roughly 12 per classroom.


Q: Will the staff be wearing masks at Kindergarten Readiness Camp?

A: Yes


Q: Will the cleaning and disinfecting regimen be the same as the school year? American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children do not participate in use of disinfectants and not be present when they are being used.

A: Staff will be disinfecting. We will absolutely try to limit student exposure in all instances.


Q: What do you envision the first day of school looking like (particularly in regards to getting all the kids supplies to class)?

A: K-3 is looking into a new way to do this in a way that works for everyone and feels comfortable.


Q: Will classroom times be staggered to reduce the number of students in the hall?

A: In K-5 we are cutting down on the amount of transitions. Additionally we will stagger each grade level to and from recesses. Grades 6-12 block scheduling will be used to limit classroom transitions.


Q: Can you walk us through a school day in the life of an elementary student under current plans for this fall?

A: In K-3 students will attend from 8:15-4:00. We will do Breakfast in the Classroom in the morning. We will start academics around 8:45. Some schedules vary based on recess, lunch, break times, but all schedules include ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, PE, Library, and Social Emotional Class Meetings. K-3 students have a 30 minute am recess, 30 minute lunch break, 30 minute pm recess, a 15 minute snack time, and an additional 15 minute pm recess each day. Masks will be required indoors, but not during lunch or snack times. Mask breaks will be provided often during class times where the teacher can take students for a nature walk on campus. Music and PE class will be held twice per week and library will be held once per week. A social emotional curriculum will be used on a weekly basis. So here’s an example of a kindergarteners day (subject to change):

Q: We’ve heard some high school classes will be held in the middle school. Is this true?

A: Yes, for this year. They are all located in one hallway and have their own entrance/exit to avoid intermingling with any other 4-8 grade classes.


Q: Will students congregate in the playground before school?

A: K-3 will be on the playground, 4-5 will meet out front of the MS, 6-8 will enter the building and stay in their grade level halls. 9-12 students will be encouraged to go to their classrooms as the are in mutiple buildings.


Q: Are dismissal times being staggered to prevent mixing of large groups of students?

A: Yes


Q: Will doors be left open when possible to minimize touching of doorknobs?

A: Inside doors will be open, as usual, as long as the noise levels outside of the room do not interfere with teaching and learning.


Q: How will sanitation work regarding lunch?

A: In the K-3, all rooms will be treated periodically with an electrostatic fogger with a long-lasting nano technology that prevents the growth of pathogens. Rooms will be disinfected on a daily basis following the school day. In addition, staff will wipe down desks before and after lunch. All students will wash their hands before and after lunch and snack breaks. Grade levels eating in the lunchroom will          be seated by cohort and each table will be disinfected in between each serving with a bleach/water mix. Again, students will wash their hands before and after lunch. Hand sanitizer will continue to be available to all students and staff as it has been in the past.


Q: Will lunch be served in the classroom? If not, will spaced cohorts be served in the lunch room?

A: Lunch will be served in the classroom for the K-3. Grades 4-12 will stagger by grade level into the cafeteria.


Q: Will team sports be avoided due to close contact and exertion?

A: After school sports follow the MHSA guidelines.


Q: Will class be held outside whenever weather permits?

A: Yes, PE classes and regular education classes are encouraged to get outside often.


Q: What will be done to discourage congregating in hallways and at lockers?

A: Staggered transitions and block schedule to limit the number of transitions.


Q: Will there be any shared lockers?

A: No


Q: Singing is an activity shown to be associated with high spread of SARS-2. Will this be avoided during the pandemic? Will all students be masked for singing?

A: We are reducing class sizes, altering the curriculum as needed, and looking into specialized masks. Additionally, some classrooms are large enough to accommodate small groups of students singing with 12-15 feet distancing.


Q: Are activities that allow social distancing being planned?

A: Yes, new games are being planned for recess times. All activities within the classroom are being planned for social distancing.


Q: How are instruments (xylophones, drums, etc) being disinfected between uses?

A: Each music and PE teacher will have adequate cleaning supplies to disinfect after each class.


Q: A recorder (instrument) is effectively a body-fluid spraying device. Are recorder lessons postponed to spring in hope of an emerging treatment/vaccine?

A: All music and band classes will adjust curriculum to ensure safety of students and staff. We are looking at altering the curriculum during the pandemic.


Q: Is there a recommended mask sanitation policy?

A: We are asking families to wash masks on a regular basis. (see flyer and health protocols)


Q: What are the district plans for distance learning, particularly for pre-literate students (kindergartners)?

A: Kindergarten students will join their teacher via Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Google Sites. Learning the platform will be given first priority.


Q: If an outbreak occurs in Stevensville school and all students are relegated to distance learning, will all classes be managed by the grade-level distance coordinator or will the students remain with their previously assigned teacher?

A: Previously assigned teacher, the one they start the school year with.


Q: What will a typical day in the life of a distance student look like?

A: This varies for each grade level, but each subject will be scheduled as if the student were on site. A possible example is noted below. In K-3 kids on and off site will have a similar schedule and will be given ample recess times and breaks. Grades 6-12 will follow a block schedule.

8:45-10:00 ELA

10:00-10:30 recess break

10:30-11:30 Math

11:30-12:00 lunch

12:00-12:30 Music

12:30-1:30 Science

1:30-2:00 recess break

2:00-2:15 snack

2:15-3:15 Social Studies

3:15-3:30 recess break

3:30-4:00 MBI lesson


Q: What plans exist to proactively address the social rift between masked and unmasked students?

A: We are using an SEL curriculum, will be using our MBI matrix (building onto it with distance learning and covid measures), and practicing our Universal Behavioral Expectations regularly.



Q: Is there an intention to inform students of expectations in their orientation and regularly reinforce conduct standards?

A: Yes, this is true even without the pandemic.

Q: What discipline measures will apply for mis-conduct?

A: See the student handbook.


Q: Field Trips, assemblies, & large group gatherings. These are mentioned on pg 6 Return to School plan and just say “will be modified”. Will parents be notified in advance of these gatherings (particularly assemblies) to be given the chance to opt-out?

A: If a child is ever invited to leave campus for a field trip, parent permission will be sought in advance. If assemblies take place virtually, we will move forward with offering them. There will be no assemblies or large gatherings that break social distancing.


Q: We love the Big Jackets, Little Jackets program but it is an unneeded risk with the current pandemic. Will this be discontinued for now?

A: Big Jackets – Little Jackets will continue to operate in a different/online capacity. We will continue to do our best to maintain connections online through online letters and communication, similar to what we did March-June.


Q: The school supply list includes disinfectant wipes. These have proven difficult to obtain at local retailers. Does the school have access to adequate sanitation resources?

A: The school has ordered several hundred cases of disinfectant. We are equipped to open and stay sanitized.


Q: Parents regularly donate supplies to our underfunded schools. Are there additional supplies (facial tissues, disinfectant soap, masks, gloves, etc) that would prove useful? What supplies are needed and to whom should then be delivered?

A: If you would like to donate items, backpacks full of supplies for a certain grade level are the most helpful. Snow boots, brand new socks, brand new underwear, or used (but in good condition) pants in sizes 5-8 for girls and boys are always welcomed. Children have accidents at school and need a change of clothes sometimes. Facial tissues and other hygiene items are welcome as well.