Parents, Students, and School Community Members,

Based on the current COVID-19 rates for the Stevensville Public Schools, Superintendent Moore will lift the masking requirement beginning April 19, 2021 for all students and staff. Masks will remain HIGHLY RECOMMEDED for students and staff beginning with the staff training April 19th and the return of students on April 20th.

Students will be required to wear masks while using school transportation in accordance with the federal mandate.

We understand that staff, students, and families will make individual choices with the lifting of the mandate. It is expected that these individual choices of staff, families/students regarding masks will be respected by all in the school community. Please understand that positive cases will still result in isolation and close contact quarantine mandates as required by the county health department.

Superintendent Moore will continue to monitor the COVID-19 rates, quarantine rates, and local/state/national mandates regarding health protocols to determine masking requirements/recommendations. Any changes that affect the health of the Stevensville School community may result in a change in masking requirements.