AutomaticImage of A.E.D. Image of A.E.D.

An AED is designed to be used in emergency treatment for people showing signs of sudden cardiac arrest who are unresponsive and not breathing. Using an AED will provide the person with a “shock” of electricity that may help the heart start beating correctly.

We have 5 AED units placed throughout our campus. The locations are:

  1. Inside the elementary gym
  2. The 4-8 building lobby
  3. The multipurpose room/lunchroom
  4. The high school gym
  5. The high school building in the staff-break room. There is an AED sign above the door to alert you where the unit is located.

If you have questions about AED training available in our area, please feel free to call the school nurse – 777-5481 ext. 333.

Check out this link on AED use: